Columbarium Parish Mary Mediatrix



If your relatives died long ago and are in the cemetery, you can now transfer them to the Columbarium.

For proximity, comfort and custody in a sacred space.

Coral adviserswill manage the exhumation of the remains and the subsequent cremation of their loved ones within the State sphere.

We transfer the ashes to the Columbarium - Maria Mitjancera Memorial Space to continue preserving her memory and maintaining prayer in her Christian community.

We are by your side all the way.


The Parish Mary Mediatrix of all Graces  located in the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood of Barcelona has a unique space in the city.

A set of columbariums within a sacred space, dedicated to guarding the urns with the ashes of the deceased and thus helping to preserve the memory and prayer of family and the Christian community.

Installed next to the central nave of the temple, its central location facilitates visits by family members and those parishioners who wish to remain linked to their Christian faith.




Columbarium modalities

■ Columbariums C1 Capacity for 1 urn.
■ Columbariums C2 Capacity for 2 urns.
■ Columbariums C4 Capacity for 4 urns.




Complementary services


Hiring and pre-booking columbario

CORAL is the company in charge of the project, manages the pre-booking and contracting of the columbariums in the Memorial Space.

The hiring of columbariums offers tailored financing, whether you have death insurance or not. It also offers the management of a personalized service.

The award of the columbariums of the Memorial Space will be carried out respecting the rigorous order of acquisition of the columbarium concession.


MONTHLY RENTAL of columbarium for 1 ballot box for € 19,30/month (IVA included).
   Monthly fees subject to a 3-month stay.
ANNUAL RENTAL of columbarium for 1 ballot box for € 193/year (IVA included).

Concession up to 25 years.


Tel .: 934 300 721 (Parroquia Maria Mitjancera) and/or 900 535 811 (Coral Memorial)

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