Collaborate in the financing of your parish.

The financial support of the Church depends exclusively on Catholics and on those who value their human, spiritual and social work.

Worship (Temple and Chapel), Flowers, Cleaning, Repairs, Improvements, Electricity, Water, Heating, Air Conditioning, Parish Meeting Rooms, Group Activities, Catechesis, Parish Caritas, Lay Personnel (Sacristan and local Concierge), Publications,...




Make your donation from your mobile phone and in just 5 seconds!

        *Bizum Instant Mobile Payment, fast, safe and effective.


● From your bank App in which you have Bizum active, select the option to

   send money.


● Choose (ONG): manually entering the identifier (shipping code): 00288

   Parish Mary Mediatrix of all Graceswill automatically appear


● Indicate the amount of the donation you want to make.


● In less than 5 seconds they will send the money and you will have helped to sustain

   and finance our Parish.  Thank you very much!


To receive your donation certificate in the face of personal income tax, and enjoy the tax advantages that these entail, you must send an email with your information (name and surname, ID, and amount) to:


                     image    image     image






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