Mass and Blessing Columbarium
Mass and Blessing Columbarium


The Provicari General of the Archbishopric of Barcelona will bless the Memorial Space
of the Maria Mitjancera Parish of all the Graces of Barcelona.

The Provicari General of the Archbishop of Barcelona Dr. Joan Galtés i Pujol, will be in charge of blessing the new Memorial Space of the Maria Mitjancera Parish. This new area consists of a set of columns intended to guard the funeral urns of the deceased.

This blessing symbolizes the inauguration of the Memorial Space and the corresponding Eucharistic celebration to make this area a space devoted to the Catholic faith. With this ritual, the Church converts the columbaris into a sacred place where it keeps the memory and the connection of the deceased with the faith that he has practiced while still alive.
The Memorial Space, unique in the Eixample Esquerra of Barcelona

The Memorial Space has been located in the old chapel of Santísimo and on the left side of the Major Alt, respecting the architectonic set of the temple. The columns present three different modalities: the family member with space for four ballot boxes; the means for two ballot boxes; and the small one for an urn.

With this new space, it becomes the third temple in the city of Barcelona to install columns and recover the ecclesiastical tradition of placing the remains of deceased in the framework of parochial temples and maintaining prayer.

The project has been attended by the Archbishopric of Barcelona and the Parish Pastoral Council, and has been promoted by the current Rector of the Parish and the technicians of the Coral Memorial company who also manages together with the Pre-reservation Parish, personal and professional advice, guidance and personalized religious and spiritual services, legal procedures with insurance companies and funeral companies, personalized ballot boxes, and recruitment of the columns.

This Memorial Space complies with the Standards and Guidelines given by the Holy See (Vatican), and the Diocesan Standards for the construction and administration of cineraris / columbaris of the Arquebisbat de Barcelona (Decree 12/17 of 05-05-2017).
Eucharist and blessing

The Eucharistic celebration and blessing will be on Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.
Trusting to have your assistance,
receive warm regards.

Parochial Pastoral Council


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